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Located only 2.5 hours from Johannesburg, Highland Gate Golf and Trout Estate near Dullstroom boasts a wealth of outdoor leisure activities. The Estate’s high altitude charm and serene landscape makes for a scenic and truly memorable getaway.

The beautiful Dullstroom area may be well known as a golf and trout-fishing mecca but apart from these pastimes there are a number of things to do for the whole family. Highland Gate is the perfect weekend retreat for outdoor enthusiasts, the focus is not only on the championship level golf course but also the wealth of leisure activities the estate offers, including hiking trails, fly fishing, mountain biking, picnicking, swimming, photography and bird watching to ensure the whole family is catered for in a rare and tranquil setting, enjoying nature at its best. The surrounding area boasts fine dining, luxurious spas, craft beer and whisky tasting and quaint craft stores to keep one busy for hours.

We would like to thank you for choosing to spend your time at Highland Gate and would like to assist you with your leisure plans during your visit. Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff should you require more information about any of the activities in this booklet.

The Highland Gate Estate team

Enjoy a round of golf with friends on our 18-Hole World Class Ernie Els course. One of South Africa’s only cool season courses. Book at the Pro Shop located at the Clubhouse. Call 087 287 4653

Driving range:
Practice your swing at the driving range. Book at the Pro Shop located at the Clubhouse. Call 087 287 4653

With over 20km of beautifully maintained nature trails, you can really appreciate the pristine views we have to offer. Family friendly to advanced hikes. Don’t forget water and sunscreen. Please be aware of cyclists. Register at the Security Gate.

Mountain biking:
For the more adventurous, we have mountain biking trails. Don’t forget water and sunscreen. Please be courteous towards pedestrians. Register at the Security Gate.

On the road towards the Waterfall hike, there’s a neat picnic spot overlooking a smaller waterfall with braai area. There’s also benches spotted around the estate with picturesque views. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon or sundowners.

Bird watching:
Keep your binoculars handy! Birds found in this area include Cape Eagle-Owl, White-winged Flufftails, Buff-streaked Chat and the list goes on. Take the family on a stroll to discover these local treasures. The best season to watch for rare birds is from September to January. Register at the Security Gate.

Eat Out:
Visit the Clubhouse for a delicious meal at The Flycatcher. There is a play area for the little ones. Book in advance. Call 087 287 4652 (3) CLUB HOUSE HOURS:
Tue-Thurs: 7am-6pm; Fri & Sat: 6:45am-1 Opm*; Sun: 6:45-6pm*; Mon: CLOSED

Play a round of Tennis with friends on the newly built tennis court. Call 087 287 4653

Fly fishing:
Catch your personal best at one of our three trout dams on the Estate. Only fly rods and flies allowed. Fishing permits are available at the Pro shop located at the Club House. Strictly Catch & Release. Call 087 287 4653

Life Mid med Ambulence-086 108 6911
Mid med Hospital-013 283 8700
Belfast Hospital-013 253 1184
BelfastAmbulence-013 253 0114
Lyden burg Hospital-013 235 2233
Lyden burg Medical Center-013 235 2205
Dullstroom Pharmacy-013 254 0141
Belfast Police-013 253 0591
Lyden burg Police-013 235 1311
HG Guardhouse-082 325 9493
Vusi (Security)-082 513 7040
ER24-084 124

Please make yourself aware of the following rules and regulations when entering
Highland Gate Golf & Trout Estate
Our Motto is "Respect and appreciate all forms of life, fauna and flora"

Fauna & Flora
– Be respectful of all wildlife, plants and trees

– No littering will be tolerated. Including cigarette butts

– Do not discharge your firearm or weapon on the Estate except in self-defence.
– Security protocol at the gate must be adhered to at all times.
– Security personnel must be treated in a co-operative and courteous manner at all times.
– Unannounced visitors need to be cleared with the residents

– Do not exceed the speed limit of 30kmph
– Do not operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
-All vehicles may be subjected to a search
– Do not drive a vehicle within the Estate other than on a road or driveway
– Tailgating is strictly prohibited

– Do not swim in any dam, pond or stream on the Estate
– No water craft is allowed
– Only flies and fly rods allowed in our dams- no spinning rods.
– Behave in a manner as to not cause a nuisance to others or the environment
– No camping is allowed on the Estate

– Dogs are to be kept on a leash at all times whilst in open/public space
– It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog -All dogs must wear a collar with a tag indicating name and contact details of the owner
-We reserve the right to request the Owner to remove his or her dog should it become a nuisance

– No open fires allowed
– No fireworks allowed

Highland Gate has the right to impose fines to be paid by those who fail to comply with the Rules.



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